RISE! is a six-piece band built around the beautiful alto voice of Greek singer Iris Mavraki, exploring and celebrating the idea of the epic narrative song. We draw on traditions ranging from Turkey to the Americas, from Greece and Italy to Russia, with classic and original songs taking the audience on a stirring and inspiring journey through a multi-lingual culture of social commentary and resistance. This is music for the head, heart and soul.

RISE! also features:
Carol Donaldson - piano and voice
Aidan Jolly - guitar, bouzouki, saz, symphonie and voice

Clive Hunte - bass
Jaydev Mistry - percussion
and Alice Nicolay - clarinet and sax

We're currently taking a break from performing but if you'd like to find out more please contact us.

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"And in the dark I smile at life, as if I knew some sort of magical secret that gives the lie to everything evil and sad and changes it into pure light and happiness. And all the while I'm searching within myself for some reason for this joy, I find nothing and must smile to myself again - and laugh at myself. I believe that the secret is nothing other than life itself..."

Rosa Luxemburg - 5th March 1871 - 15th January 1919

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Aidan Jolly

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