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AIDAN JOLLY: Music: Performance: Community Arts

welcome to Aidan's Website

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What's Happening:

RISE! is a new six-piece band exploring and celebrating the idea of the epic political song, drawing on traditions ranging from Turkey to the Americas, featuring songs by Theodorakis, Lorca, Brecht and Weill and others, as well as the occasional original. Built around the beautiful alto voice of Greek singer Iris Mavraki, RISE! also features Carol Donaldson on piano and voice, Clive Hunte on bass, Aidan Jolly on guitar, bouzouki, saz and symphonie, Jaydev Mistry on percussion, and Alice Nicolay on clarinet and sax.

We will be appearing at the New Mills Arts Festival 20th September 2016

virtual migrants presents: Continent Chop Chop - national touring production November and December 2015

Stone Flowers - Music Action International - upcoming gigs

NEW ALBUM OUT NOW: Stone Flowers "Ngunda"

What If - Street Theatre on the Death Of Democracy with Collective Encounters

Other Ways Of Telling - drama and mental health in St Helens

Out Of Service - veterans with PTSD with Collective Encounters and IWMN

The Threepenny Festival - drama and music for hard times

Virtual Migrants - digital media, and performance connecting with race, migration and global justice


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